Soil Moisture

Plant health is extremely critical, not only for the current years production but future years as well. Monitoring soil moisture puts your finger on the crops pulse and allows you to track critical stress levels in real time.


Physical Features

Soil Probe- our standard probe is a 48” probe with 5 sensor depths

Pressure Transducer- track in field pressures

Real Time- receive every 15 minute readings


Save Money

Labor Savings- eliminate quad rides through the field to check moisture status

Nutrients- target your rootzone on costly applications

Water- never waste a drop by eliminating your over/under irritations


Increase Efficiency

Time- cut out trips to the field to check moisture status

Infiltration- track where your water is going and how long it is taking to get there

Management- know when each irrigation event starts and it’s duration



Macro View- see your ranch from a birds eye view

Critical Details- dive in to get valuable insights

Mobile Friendly- take your data with you on the go